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1-2-3 Spanish for Kids

offers fun and dynamic classes for children thru songs, movement, games and stories, this gives children the opportunity to learn Spanish in a natural and effortless way; the same way they learned their first language!

Importance of learning a second language:

Research shows that young children have a unique ability to absorb a second language naturally. Experts estimate that by age 8-12, humans already begin to lose the ability to hear and say new sounds. Taking advantage of the window of opportunity that exists between birth and adolescence allows a child to optimize his or her learning potential, and speak the second language with a native accent and absorb grammatical structure naturally.

In addition, studies show that young children who learn a second language enjoy many additional cognitive benefits such as enhanced problem-solving skills, enhanced spatial relation skills, and heightened creativity. When children enjoy their environment and feel safe, they absorb their surroundings and learn without even realizing it.