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The Spanish for Kids class by Ms. Thanya Holland is a great experience for my kids. They come from a non-Spanish speaking family and this is the only exposure they to Spanish. After only about 4 months of going to the class they have learned a great deal of Spanish- number, letters, body parts, animals, days of the weeks and months, and so much more Most importantly, they have a lot of fun while learning in class! They enjoy listening to the Spanish music CD as well. I have asked both of my kids if they want to continue with the class, and they both enthusiastically said YES! I look forward to them learning a whole lot more as they continue with the class!


Elizabeth Lenes-Le ( Parent)





When I decided to open Our Place Preschool from my home in Discovery Bay, I wanted to create a program deeply rooted in play and hands on experiences that created the best opportunities to build a strong foundation for my preschoolers. I’ve done a lot of research on brain development and discovered that now is the time to expose the children to a foreign language. Since I don’t speak another language myself, I sought the help of Senora Thanya. My expectations were for her to follow my approach – hands on learning and to expose the children to the Spanish culture and language. Senora Thanya has far exceeded my expectations. She comes weekly and through musica introduced and reinforces different concepts. She brings different activities with her such as the parachute, bubbles and musical instruments. Her interactive program engages the children and many are picking up words and singing her songs here at school and at home. Do I expect them to be fluent when they leave OPP? NO! It’s about exposure and activating different areas of the brain all in the process of having FUN! I am thankful for Senora Thanya’s program and believe it is a wonderful addition to OPP.


Melanie Bowers (Preschool Teacher)